The beginning of a new year always sees me, notebook in hand, making plans for the months ahead!

I love the sense of all that possibility spreading out in front of me!

As we know, things always go better with a plan and it is also important to include reflection and celebration as part of that process.

I use a Shamanic structure to help me in my planning and review – it makes sure that I keep soul-centred!

I am opening up a live session and inviting you to join me in a special planning event for those on a fertility journey. As we know TTC is an intense time and needs care and attention. The Fertility Plan-athon will help you to kick start 2021 and set you up for success!

We will also look at the one thing you MUST do this year…

You can claim your seat for FREE here: https://emmab.kartra.com/page/fertilityplanathon

Look forward to planning with you!