Welcome to April!

This month sees the celebration of Easter – the name of which draws on the pagan traditions of Eostre.

The Saxon goddess Eostre is related to new beginnings – symbolized by the Easter egg – and fertility.  Legend tells how Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed it into a hare so that it could survive the Winter.  The hare found it could lay eggs so it decorated those each Spring and left them as an offering to the goddess which is where we get the Easter bunny tradition from.  Who knew that an Easter egg hunt is really an ancient fertility ritual?!

Hot cross buns were also probably originally made in honour of Eostre.  It is thought that the cross represented the four phases of the moon and the addition of fruit, eggs and honey symbolised fertility and plenty.  So, again, indulging in a third portion can be seen as honouring the fertility goddess!!

Whatever you are doing to celebrate this season I do hope you are able to claim the spirit of re-birth and new signs of life around you to support you on your journey.  Surround yourself with the fertility symbols of the season and see your own body as fertile ground, ready to bloom just like the Spring flowers.

You have more power within you than you will ever know!

Sending love and every blessing of the season.

Emma xxx

P.S.  I will be taking a short Easter break but then will be available for Shamanic healing and support sessions.  You can book-in here: https://emmabrodzinski.as.me/schedule.php