It takes a village

by | Feb 28, 2018 | 0 comments

It takes a village/city to raise a child and sometimes it takes more than two people to make one too!

A Buddhist perspective on assisted reproductive technologies (ART) proposes that there is no difference, in terms of karma, from the old-fashioned way of beginning a pregnancy. It suggests that in IVF there are just more than the three central figures (biological mother, biological father and child) who have a karmic connection which is being expressed by producing a new life.

I am not a Buddhist but I found it really helpful to think of those around me as I went through the IVF process – including the clinical team, the complementary therapists etc – as being part of the destined process of bringing my future child into the world; and us all being part of the web of life rather than seeing the technology as unnatural intervention.

Yay for science and yay for our much loved babies that are so special they are blessed with many hands and hearts to bring them into the world!


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