Happy New Year!

This year, more than many, it has felt wonderful to leave an old year behind and welcome in a new one full of fresh starts.

January is thought by some to be named in honour of Janus who is the god who lends his name to January.  He is the Roman god of beginnings, doorways time, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past and I think it is well-worth following his example…

So often in the fertility journey we are ‘future focused’ and looking to move on – to the next cycle, to a new diet, to a different clinic – and there is nothing wrong with any of that but it is important, like Janus, to also look back and take stock of what you have learnt.  So, for example, making sure you have all your bloodwork documentation and statistics from your last cycle and have taken time to reflect before you move forward.  I’m a great believer in conducting an audit alongside planning so that you are able to draw on your own learning and experience as well as honouring any pain or loss experienced along the way.  You know so much more than you think you do and recognising that can help you set yourself up to be grounded and fully in your power as you take the next steps.

I am very excited about what this year might bring in for you! Wishing you all sorts of 2021 magic!

Emma xx