Positive Fertility Magazine

Inspiration for the fertility journey

Positive Fertility Magazine

Inspiration for the fertility journey

I founded Positive Fertility because I was so frustrated and saddened by the shame and taboo that surrounds infertility.

Just because you are having trouble conceiving does not mean you are any less of a woman or that you don’t deserve beautiful things. In fact, because you are going through such a rubbish time, you absolutely deserve beautiful things that remind you how amazing you are – and that is what I hope the magazine will be!

Each edition is packed with real-life success stories, book reviews, interviews with experts in the field and a whole bunch of other gorgeousness!

And what’s more it is FREE!

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My Instagram followers chose the title for the magazine and I want readers to continue to be at the heart of its development. You might want to share your success story; have a suggestion for an article or a question you would like answered on our advice page.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Here is a tiny sneak peek of what’s inside ‘Positive Fertility’!

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