I have to confess that I love this time of year partly because of all the great telly!  There is nothing quite like curling up on the sofa and getting absorbed into another world.

TV was a particularly fabulous escape route when TTC just got too much – which was often!

What I did wonder about though was where were all the women like me in TV-land?  In the films and TV programmes I watched the woman without the baby was either the comedy side-kick or the tragic sub-plot doomed to be forever filmed in half-light with that weepy music on…

Where were the women who, yes were having a really hard time, but were also smart with careers and friends and 3-dimensional personalities?!!

I am glad to say that things are changing and  in/fertility issues have started to be represented in a much more nuanced and realistic way – in fact I am off to a conference in Norway next week to give a paper about this very thing!

And talking about realistic, relatable and heart-felt – I have just interviewed the fabulous Pepper Binkley for the Winter Edition of Positive Fertility who has produced the brilliant It’s Freezing Out There a 12 part web-series which tells the story of a thirty-something illustrator from New York who is deciding whether or not to freeze her eggs.

The series is based on Pepper’s own experience and that of her friends and is full of details which tell you here is a person who ‘gets it’  – from the visit to the pregnant friend to the awkward encounter in the doctor’s office.

I totally binged-watched the series and would love to recommend it to you so here’s the link:


Let me know what you think and look out for the article in the next edition!