20th March 2020 sees the Vernal Equinox in the UK.

The Vernal Equinox also sees the celebration of Ostara – a festival celebrating Eostre, a fertility goddess and the goddess of Spring!⁠

Vernal is from the Latin vernare which means “to bloom” and the rituals related to Eostre (another spelling for Ostara) all focus on new beginnings – with her key symbol being the egg (yep, that’s where the Easter Egg comes from!)⁠

Eostre is associated with eggs as the oval shape was seen as representing the eternal cycle of the seasons. In the modern Pagan celebration of Ostara, the egg represents the cosmic egg of creation and rebirth.

I totally want to claim Eostre as the goddess of IVF with her connection to cycles and eggs!⁠ You can call on her to increase your fruitfulness, fertility or even to embark on new ventures.

I have copied below a prayer to Eostre which you might want to borrow.

Sending love to all as we move into the Spring season in the Northern hemisphere xxx


We hail the Goddess of spring,
of vibrancy, of stirring bounty,
of the waking earth,
that readies itself for the seed.
We hail the Goddess of sunshine,
and cycles, and changes,
and all good and terrifying things.
We pray for fertility in our works,
of minds, and hearts, and hands.
We pray for blessings,
and the gift
of hope’s manifestation.
We hail the Goddess of spring,
as Her bounty covers the land.
Eostre, be Thou praised.