The Autumn Equinox and Fertility

Today is the Autumn Equinox.  This moment of equal night and day marks the passing from Summer into Autumn.

You may well feel that Summer just passed in a blur and, in this strange era that we find ourselves in, it can be even more important to acknowledge the changing of the seasons as a way to anchor ourselves in time. I certainly found on my own fertility journey that connecting to the cycles of nature helped me to appreciate my own cycles and a sense of fertility that runs throughout the year.

The Autumn equinox has always been a significant moment for fertility.  The festival is associated with the male Welsh God Mabon who is connected to the fertility of the land and, in particular, it is a celebration of seeds and what is being sown for the future.  The imagery of the seed being planted is so powerful and when you think about the potential contained within each seed and then within each egg and sperm it just blows my mind!  We all can connect to that potential both within and beyond ourselves and taking a moment to reflect on that power can be really energising. It may be through meditation or by literally planting a seed and nurturing its growth.


Apple Magic

The apple has long been a symbol of the Mabon celebrations and you might want to work with some “apple magic” on this festival day.  You might want to make a dish with them (homemade apple pie is a Mabon tradition) or you might want to make apple candle holders that signify thanksgiving for abundant crops and other blessings.  Here is a lovely little video I found on youtube that shows you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scr-Go8Hxpo.

You might want to celebrate the equinox simply by taking a walk in nature or writing a gratitude list for where there is abundance in your life.  Mabon is all about giving thanks and appreciating the potential for the future and, as we know, gratitude is such a powerful mindset.  It can be so hard – especially on a fertility journey – to see where the blessings are – but being grateful even for the little things can be a really supportive practice.


Welcome to Autumn!

And, in terms of encouragement, coming into Autumn means coming into a fertile season – in the Northern Hemisphere especially.  Research has shown the more northern regions of the United States see a peak birth rate in June or July, suggesting peak conceptions in September or October and this translates to other areas too.  It makes sense as the summer months have boosted vitamin D helped healthy eggs to grow!

Wishing you every blessing of the season

Emma xxx