Welcome to The Fertility Circle!


It’s time to step into your power…

A fertility journey can feel really dis-empowering.  You can feel helpless as things just don’t seem to be happening and medical professionals take control over the most intimate areas of your life.  You want to be a ‘good girl’ and do what you are told but something inside you says this isn’t the right thing to do in this situation…

So now what?

Trust your beautiful self!  Your intuition, embodied wisdom and innate spirituality can be all the guides that you need to find peace and assurance and open up your heart to communicating with and receiving your future baby.

It sounds very easy but I know just how hard it can be to keep up a daily spiritual practice – especially when you are facing the challenges that trying to conceive brings.  

We have all fallen off our spiritual path when life gets busy or challenging.  The Fertility Circle membership is designed to help you feel spiritually connected every day; to keep your vibration high and your belief strong.
Each month you’ll get:

– A fertility-focused guided meditation
– A masterclass  – with actionable tips
– Monthly moon ceremony- a live gathering for the whole membership
– Mantras to help you set and focus on your intentions
– Conversations with others on the same journey in our community hub
– Weekly encouragement emails from me
– Weekly affirmations
And so much more!

We will be launching the membership very soon – email emmabrodzinski@gmail.com to be added to the wait-list.