You can tell when I am having a hard time as many packages start to arrive through my letterbox – the result of late night internet shopping!

Yes, when things get tough I buy books!

It’s not really the retail therapy hit that I am looking for but the connection with someone else who has understanding of, and ideally an answer to, the problem that I am struggling with.

I am totally with William Nicholson who said “We read to know we are not alone”.

It is therefore no surprise that when I was on my fertility journey (i.e. going through my own personal hell) I turned to books for information, hope and just to know that I was not alone in it all.

Over the course of the years I built a wise and supportive community on my bookshelves(!) and was bolstered by a wealth of ideas and inspiration from people that I had never met but who totally ‘got it’ and spoke to my heart. Some were fertility experts; some healers; some just other women who had travelled the same road and were reaching out to share their story. They became my council of war and I drew on their insights and experience to create my own battle plan!

This week I am very excited to be launching ‘The Pineapple Book Club’. I painfully aware that there is a tidal wave of information out there and it can feel overwhelming as you try to work out what is useful and what is bunkum. The Pineapple Book Club will curate the best material around fertility issues; give access to fertility experts and provide a community of people who know just what you are going through.

You can join us here:

Look forward to having you with us!