I am painfully aware that this time of year can be really difficult when you are TTC but I wanted that many of the Christmas traditions we have are connected to fertility…

  • The evergreen tree (Christmas tree) was a symbol of the essence of life and was regarded as a phallic symbol in fertility worship.  People used to hang tokens of what they would like the gods to bring them in the coming year – so you might want to hang something special on your tree to call your baby in.
  • The Druids would use mistletoe as part of their ceremonies as a fertility symbol as well as an aphrodisiac – so you might want to have some mistletoe at the ready this year!
  • Holly is sacred to Holle the Germanic goddess and it is a symbol of menstrual blood and potent life energy – Holly left out under a full moon is supposed to be especially potent!  So whenever you see Holly berries just remember how strong you are!
  • Pine cones are fertility charms!  Ancient Celts believed in pine cones as a symbol of fertility and put them under their pillow when they were TTC.  Ancient Romans also associated pine cones with Venus, Goddess of love and fertility.  

So, if you are finding things tough at the moment remember that there is all sorts of fertility magic in the air in this season if miraculous births!

Sending you love and wishing you your own Christmas miracle!